A native of Toronto, Ontario, David Chaim Jacob Zilber (b. 1985) is a professional chef and butcher who has worked in fine dining establishments across Canada since 2004. Photography has been one of his chief creative outlets over the past half-decade, alongside cooking, painting, writing and industrial design. Working exclusively with 135 format film, his work has been shown across North America, and featured in projects such as Vice, It's Nice That, Subbacultcha and Street Carnage. He is the creator of the on-line photojournal Recidivism and Prolix, a book of black and white photographs, was released in September 2011 through Montreal's Trapshot Archives. He has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Amsterdam, Toronto, New York, Vancouver and L.A. He currently lives and works as a Chef de Partie at Restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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